Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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What We Do

The Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council strives to make the use of prescribed fire in Wisconsin safer and more accepted for all practitioners. Our standing committees are the active channels where that work is completed. We encourage all members to try to participate in at least one committee. Membership is open to all and comittee meetings will be announced via listerve.

Previous Work

Since our inception in 2003, the WI Prescribed Fire Council has grown to become a leader in prescribed fire throughout the Midwest. Please click here to view a brief summary of our previous work.

Education and Outreach

Chair: Michael Hansen, UW-Arboretum

The education and outreach committee develops and provides informational materials useful for prescribed fire. To date, the committee has produced hangers to be placed on doors of neighbors in a prescribed burn area notifying them of an upcoming prescribed fire. In addition, supplemental fact sheets regarding fire in wetlands, tall grass prairie, restored prairie, oak savanna and oak woodland are provided.

For more information on the education and outreach committee, click READ MORE


Chair: Eric Mark, The Nature Conservancy

The Fire Council training committee meets regularly to coordinate and disseminate training to a wide variety of audiences. The next meeting will take place at 2 pm on November 20, 2018 at The Nature Conservancy, 633 West Main Street, Madison, WI 53703. This meeting is taking place to discuss training survey results. We provide updated links to training available throughout the nation with a focus on Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. The Council periodically sponsors training courses and workshops for its members. These opportunities will meet one or both of our two standards.

For more information on the training committee, click READ MORE


Chair: Jim Ellison, Quercus Land Stewardship Services

The membership committee is currently working toward membership dues implementation.

Government Relations

Chair: Vacant

The government relations committee is developing language for legislation that would establish the “Right to Burn.” This legislation will: 1) establish an exemption from liability for civil action regarding damage or injury from smoke 2) establish a “Certified Burn” program and 3) establish the right to conduct prescribed burns. Stacy Marion, Carl Cotter, and Matt Smith are looking to revive activities. A planning meeting is being scheduled last week of November, 2018.

For more information on the government relations committee, click READ MORE


Chair: Inactive

The liability committee strives to find affordable insurance for not-for-profit organizations and businesses. Recently, we worked with a private firm to develop an actuarial analysis (determined risk) for prescribed fire that will help insurance companies develop policies based on historical claim data. In the past, there has been a reluctance on the part of insurance companies to cover prescribed fire practitioners due to a lack of data.

For more information on the liability committee, click READ MORE

Implementation and Standards

Chair: Vacant

The implementation and standards committee has developed several documents important for consistency in fire application and training across Wisconsin. Stacy Marion, Carl Cotter, and Matt Smith are looking to revive activities. A planning meeting is being scheduled last week of November, 2018.

For more information on the implementations and standards committee, click READ MORE